The Types of Martial Arts and their Workout Clothes

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After attending my very first kickboxing class, I wanted to find out more and see what other

types of fighting, self defense activities there are out there. Some guys at the kickboxing class

only wore a pair of shorts and wraps around their hands and it made me wonder; is that the

typical uniform for them? I found a very useful site and discovered Martial Tribes which has

every form of martial arts, and you can even watch videos of demonstrations which is really

helpful to identify each one. I became very intrigued by the many different types of martial arts

and wanted to write about it and the types of uniforms they have and what they mean. Continue reading

Why Exercise That’s Hurting Isn’t Always Working

“No Pain, No Gain!”

“If It Isn’t Hurting, It Isn’t Working!”

“Work Through The Pain!”

drill instructor

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The drill-sergeant style of encouragement for exercise regimes is one that goes in and out of fashion. At the bottom of it all is the idea that you’re not pushing yourself if you’re not in pain; that people who complain about the pain aren’t committed. And, although physical exertion is essential for effective fitness regimes, that kind of rhetoric can go too far. Continue reading

11 Tips On Fighting Dementia & Alzheimers And Promoting Long-Term Mental Health

As we improve our standards of life and people live to longer ages, there is one serious mental health risk proving more prevalent. Diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia pose a serious threat to the happiness that we all deserve in later adulthood. So much of a risk that nowadays, the search for a cure and ways to help us avoid that potential are a huge concern. Below, we look at some of the most commonly touted ways to not only help beat off those risks, but to also maintain long-term mental health in general.


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