We’ve Moved

Hopefully this isn’t a surprise to some of you but I’ve been announcing some amazing news the past few weeks and the day is finally here.  Stylista Fitness has been rebranded to The Melissa Lifestyle! YAY!!  The last four years have been great blogging as Stylista Fitness, but the blog has evolved, I’ve evolved and it was time to show my readers what The Melissa Lifestyle is all about.  Head over to the new blog, subscribe and show some love.  See you there!


Zona Med Spa Experience

beauty skin care

If there’s two things I focus on the most in self care, it’s skin care and relaxing! I try to visit a spa at least once a month and get a facial.  It has become a necessity and a chance for me to completely relax for an hour.  So naturally when Zona Med Spa contacted me to try out there service, I said sign me up!  If you’d like to learn more about my experience, stay around and read more.  Continue reading

How to Save Money on Maternity Clothes using Groupon Coupons

groupon coupons

Before I started ACTUALLY shopping and looking around for maternity clothes, I had NO idea how pricey it was.  I mean it’s clothes you wear for maybe 3 months at MOST.  Am I right?!  So I had to think outside the box and figure ways on how I can buy maternity clothes without breaking the bank.  After all, we need to spend that hard earned cash for the little one when she arrives (*insert diaper piles here).  Did you know that Groupon had coupons?  Yes they do! If this just BLEW your mind, keep reading!  Continue reading