3 Easy Ways to Soften Your Feet

3 ways to soften your feet

Rough, dry, and calloused feet is a common issue I have during the summer.  It is not a cute look when I basically live in sandals, flip flops and wedges from May to October (Phoenix summer, no lie!).  And it sometimes can crack and bleed which is also a major annoyance and discomfort.  Today, I’d like to share three easy ways to soften your feet.  Continue reading

Phoenix Style Tribe Tea Party

tea party dress

A few weeks ago, the lovely Josie from Hello Silhouette and I hosted the cutest tea party for Phoenix Style Tribe. It was an amazing event and we had so much fun decorating and hosting all the lovely fashion bloggers that attended. We hosted at a place called The Teapot, which is a coffee/tea house in Downtown Phoenix. It’s a gorgeous house with a kids playground in the backyard. Simply perfect! Continue reading

Simple Ways That Will Motivate You To Workout


While many of us have the best intentions to work out each day, sometimes it can be difficult to gain motivation. You might be tired or want to get home to watch your favorite TV show. Or you might find yourself looking for distractions when you should be exercising. These can include taking selfies, texting and applying makeup. While it’s OK to miss the odd workout, making it a regular habit is something you should avoid. The trick to solving this issue is finding something that motivates you. Here are some simple ways you can use that will give you a boost and make you eager to exercise daily.  Continue reading

Warning Signs In Your Health You Should Never Ignore

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Our health should be one of our top priorities. Good health isn’t only about being fit and looking good, it’s also about feeling great. It empowers us to be able to address all the things that matter in our lives. Without good health, we wouldn’t be able to work, spend time with our friends and family, or achieve our dreams. Yet many of us still overlook telltale warning signs in our health. We tell ourselves that we don’t have time to deal with it or that it might go away on its own. We may even tell ourselves that we couldn’t cope if it was bad news and don’t want to hear the truth. But help is at hand. More often than not, telltale warning signs are nothing more than temporary problems. They are not indicating something serious and are easily treatable, meaning you’ll be back to your active lifestyle in no time. Even if they are an indication of something requiring more attention or treatment, we still shouldn’t ignore them. Once we have received professional advice we can continue to enjoy our lives and make positive, informed decisions. All of the warning signs below are common and should be addressed quickly. By doing so, you’ll be investing in your health, wellbeing and future. 

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