Adorning Your Exercise Routine

When you work out a lot, there’s little chance that you can wear decorative jewelry when doing so – unless you’re doing so for a dance performance. Training for marathons, competitions or even just doing it for yourself can see your precious bit and bobs making their way into a box until they’re discovered again. But this doesn’t need to be the case – there are some pieces which are perfectly fine to wear whilst doing certain workouts. 


This is the go-to fashion statement to wear whilst you’re exercising, especially if you have a smartwatch which is taking note of your heart rate, calories burned and can tell you the time on top of that. It may not be a diamond-encrusted rolex that you’re wearing, but there are still so many cool designs that you can adorn yourself with. There are even ones with switchable straps. Don’t let anybody tell you that there isn’t any fashion in fitness – this is a growing trend that people are always going to invest in. The jewelry that you can wear whilst working out is only just the beginning … especially if it doubles up as an aid!


Rings that catch are the problem when trying to keep fit. Having a big stone sitting on your finger may look pretty, but it’s something that can easily be pulled off with one energetic swipe. Rather than running and thinking about how the diamond price of your jewelry is calculated should you need to replace it, just leave it at home. Rings that are small stones or just a simple band are absolutely fine. If you haven’t got anything significant to show with the wearing of a ring, either keep it simple or keep it off.


Necklaces shouldn’t be so long that they can get caught and cause you any harm or damage, but keeping a small chain underneath your workout gear should be fine. If you have any allergies or any medical conditions, consider getting yourself a tag to tell people your details should you ever be in a position where they’d need to know. This is especially important if you are ever doing exercise alone, such as running or hiking.  It’s great that something we can wear for fashion can also double up as a useful aid for when things take a turn for the worst.


There’s some common sense that needs to be taken with this one. There are certain ads for exercise garments which show women wearing big hoops and long dangly earrings, but if you’re taking your fitness seriously then you will know that these are a no-go. Horror stories appear every once in awhile on social media about children who have had their earrings ripped out during their physical education lessons, and it’s something that we should all learn from. You can still show fashion whilst exercising, but do so with small studs in your ears rather than pieces of jewelry that can catch and pull in a moments notice.


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