Battle Through: How To Combat Five Fitness Problems

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Fitness isn’t something that’s easy for everyone – here are some tips about how to combat five of the most common fitness problems… 

Confidence Issues

If you have a few issues with your self esteem, it can be particularly difficult to convince yourself to get started on the keeping fit journey. Being overweight or out of shape can make it hard to visit a gym, as you might assume that everyone else there is bronzed, gleaming and muscular. First of all, that is very much not the case – there are people of all shapes and sizes getting fit and healthy at gyms. Second of all, those people will understand – none of them have always looked the way that they do now. A lot of people who love fitness and getting in shape will understand that it’s a journey that has to start somewhere. If you want to improve your stamina before hitting the gym so you feel less self conscious, there are a few ways to do it. First of all, start walking everywhere that you can, even if it entails borrowing your neighbour’s dog so that you have an excuse to go for a walk after work. Second of all, make sure that you take the stairs instead of the elevator everywhere you go.


All of us can be a little bit lazy sometimes. During the winter particularly, it can be hard to look out of the window and see dark skies and bleak rain storms and feel particularly inclined to go to the gym. A lot of us keep telling ourselves that we’ll get up once the clock hits a certain figure, we’ll start a diet on Monday, we’ll wait until a certain point to do what we want. The only way to combat procrastination is to remember that the best time to start something is now. Don’t wait until all the junk food in your house is finished, don’t wait until your life is less hectic because let’s face it, it will never be less hectic. Get up and get started right away.


If you’ve been suffering from an injury like a pulled muscle or maybe even shin splints, it can be hard to find your way back into fitness if your body is no longer responding to your signals the way that it used to. The best way to do it is through patience, perseverance and gentle exercise. Anti inflammatories can help with any sore muscles, and getting a knee or shoulder ice pack that will help any painful joints after exercising can also help. Make sure that you get advice from your doctor and a trainer so that you don’t injure yourself further.

A Lack of Time

In this busy world, a lot of us find that we simply don’t have time to keep fit. We work punishing hours, we have busy family lives, we need to spend time with our parents and our partners and our friends, and so often, fitness comes bottom of the list. But it’s important to remember that if you really prioritize something, you will get around to doing it, and you will shift your life around so that you can manage it. If you’re frustrated that you never get time to get fit, talk to your partner about childcare arrangements so that you get a couple of evenings off a week to do what you want. You deserve it for the amount of work that you do for the rest of the week.


Let’s face it: not everyone likes exercising. For some of us, hitting the gym is one of the best ways to spend our leisure time, but not everybody feels that way. The machines can feel repetitive, it can be boring taking the same running route every day, and it can be hard to convince yourself to get off your couch and into the gym if you simply don’t like doing it. The truth is, there is a way to get fit that will suit pretty much anyone so you just need to work harder to find it. If you love the outdoors then why not start hiking? If you love going to the club and dancing with your friends, then a ballet exercise class or maybe even zumba might just be for you. Getting fit doesn’t have to be about circuit training, weights and the inside of a gym. Working out with a buddy and finding something that you love is a key part of keeping both your mind and your body healthy.


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