Hush Lash Studio Review

stylistafitness-hush.lash.studioIf there is one complaint in life that I have on the daily, it’s not having enough TIME.  Time is important these days because I tend to run out of it.  Eyelash extensions are a TIME saver.  It has honestly cut my time in the morning by five minutes (Yes, five minutes makes a difference).  My lashes are short, sparse and don’t have curl.  I spend lots of time curling/mascara applying and 5 minutes later they are stick straight and the mascara is basically all over my skin (aka raccoon eyes).  So annoying, am I right?  I’ve had eyelash extensions in the past and loved them.  Recently, Hush Lash Studio in North Scottsdale contacted me to try out their services.  I said sign me up and this is what happened.

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Hometown Tour: Favorite Spots in Phoenix

The past week has been a whirlwind for hubby and I.  We bought our first house, closed on a Friday and moved in by Sunday! In the middle of all of it, Julianne Hough’s public relations rep asked me if I could write a hometown article about my favorite places in Phoenix.  Say what??!! I was so ecstatic!! Check out the article below or go straight to her site.

Hi friends! My name is Melissa Moore, the blogger behind a Phoenix, AZ lifestyle blog called Stylista Fitness.  If it’s your first time in Phoenix, I’m here to share my favorite spots to shop, have a bite to eat and get your beauty on.  

Although, my original hometown is Los Angeles, Phoenix has been my home for the last twelve years.  I’m proud to show you what we have to offer and give you a sneak peek to some cute places around town.  As far as weather goes, summer can get pretty hot but the rest of the

year is sunny and almost always in the 70s.  Hope you enjoy the spots I picked out!

Favorite Cafe: Luci’s at the Orchard

We all know the best way to start the day touring a city is with coffee and food in your stomach.  Luci’s at the Orchard is your picture perfect spot for this.  Not only do they have an extensive breakfast and lunch menu, they have an outdoor open, airy space to enjoy your food in.  


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Hello Luxe Shoot Out

floral shift dress

Photo Credit:Golden Arrow Photo

I can’t even begin to tell you how much fun I had at this event.  But first I need to explain.  What is a “shoot out”?, you ask.  I’ll let Bre Greiger (creator) explain!



noun informal

: an event that brings bloggers, influencers, photographers, make-up artists, brands and vendors for one day to collaborate, network and build their content image library for use on social media and their portfolios. Location of the Hello Luxe Shoot-Outs are always at cool + hip spots local to attendees. Additionally, Bloggers and Photographers will have access to a wide range of props and products to achieve the best potential outcome for exposure for all attendees, sponsors and vendors across all social media platforms. Lastly, attendees have the option to network and mingle with each other post shoot. It’s more than a collaboration; it’s a Hello Luxe Shoot-Out.

Genius, right??  When she advertised on a blogger Facebook group, I immediately said SIGN me up.  The event took place on a Sunday afternoon at the amazing Moxy Hotel in Tempe.  I had done a shoot there in the past and loved the vibrant, cool, and stylish vibe it had.  This Marriott brand boutique hotel has a walk up bar/front desk, stylish lounge areas, 24/7 self-service lounges and a pool area worth being seen in.  I knew that this would be the BEST place to inspire the creatives who would be flocking the hotel on a Sunday afternoon.

Bre (Hello Luxe Shoot-out Creator) kept us well informed and prepared for the event day.  The organization she displayed before and during the event was phenomenal.  The bloggers were asked to arrive an hour before the shoot out to either get their makeup done or to prep all their shoot clothing.  We were given a conference room to change and prep our clothes in.  We had a central station, which was the lounge of the hotel, to report back to at every rotation.

I chose the option to have my makeup done and my makeup artist was Dolly from Vidogi Salon.  She was super sweet and she honestly ROCKED my makeup.  I asked for a bronze summery look because my outfits were mostly dresses for summer.

Once we were done with makeup, we changed and reported to our central station to pair off in groups.  Each blogger (7 of us) was assigned to a group of photographers per rotation.  Each group had around 3-4 photographers who would shoot you for approximately 20 minutes.  At the end of 20 minutes, we would run back to our changing room and had 10 minutes to report back to central.  This went on for 7 rotations (7 outfits) and boy did it go fast.  I was definitely exhausted by the 5th rotation but managed to push through.

Here is one outfit from the shoot:

stylistafitness-tobi.floral.shift.dress2 stylistafitness-tobi.floral.shift.dress4

floral shift dress

floral shift dress

Outfit Details // Dress: c/o Tobi // Shoes: Michael Kors // Jewelry: Kendra Scott // Hat: American Eagle // Sunglasses: Quay Australia


Show details

Hello Luxe Co.//

MOXY Tempe //

Copper + Cotton //

DE Photo Cinema //

Mustache Pretzels//

The Gypsy Cup//


Bre. // @TheSentimentalMama //

Everly Grayce //

Smitholator Cookie Shop//

Urban Oreganics //

Brittany Garner Design //

Pink + Peach//

Harveys //

Nixi //

Decadent Macaron//

Kristine in Between//

Floured Cupcakes //

Her Name is Mud//


Katie //@Katie_Garday //

Lane 201//

Pink Blush//

Good in Store//

Rad Swim//


Alyssa // @alyssamaywilson //

Raptor Jewelry//

Erin Fader Jewelry//

Top Knot//

Lizard Thicket Boutique/

Harlee Rae Designs//

The Bikini Girl//


Ashley //@sunshineandlullabies //

Pink Blush//


Nena And Co//

Sissy Fists Jewelry//

Crew and Lu//


Joanna // @MotherhoodAndMerlot //


AMI Clubwear//

Charmed Avenue//

One Thing Lockets//

Brittany Garner Design//

Shop Mey//

Time Los Angeles//


Quay Australia//

One Thing Lockets//

Hip Kids Boutique//

Little Trend Setters//


Uyen // @house_of_lu //

Crew and Lu//


Jenn // @thebodytypestylist //

Dress Barn//

Bauble Bar//


Kendra Scott//


Melissa // @stylistafitness //


Kendra Scott//

Shop LV Kiki//









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Trying To Conceive: Our Story

conceive baby conception

Today I will be talking about a subject that is both sensitive and extremely important to me.  I’ve only shared this part of my life with close friends and family.  My husband and I have been trying to conceive for the last six months.  Little did I know how much of a roller coaster this time would be.  I want to share my story with you in the hopes that you might have empathy or advice for us.    Continue reading