Food Fight: Are You A Hangry Eater?


When it comes to getting fit and healthy many of us think that eating less will help us become slimmer quicker! In fact, what tends to happen is our bodies go into starvation mode because it’s not sure when it’ll be fed again and stores more fat. In today’s society very few people living in first world countries know what it’s like to feel properly hungry, compared to say those living in Africa or the Middle East. However, nutritionists say that feeling hungry for a little while is good for us, as it encourages us to think about what nourishment our bodies need. However, all too often hangry, or hungry/ angry eaters tend to reach for sugary snacks and drinks between meals instead of filling up on nuts, fruit, and low-fat crackers.  Continue reading

The 7 Expensive Health Sins

fitnessIt is surprising how many people think that a healthy lifestyle is something that they can’t afford. There is no logical reason why health would be synonymous with expensive. The only explanation that one could suggest is that getting better via the medical path, which means with doctors, medications and sometimes even additional treatment and surgery, can be extremely expensive indeed. However, there is no evidence that keeping your mind and your body healthy should be an expensive and unaffordable process. In truth, staying healthy is not only extremely affordable – one could even say it is cheap – but it is also a lot easier than you think. So why don’t people succeed at it more often? There is an excellent explanation for it: Because everyone is sometimes guilty of committing a serious health sin. Here are the top seven sins that you could damage your health with. Continue reading

Review: Intelligent Labs Ultra Pure Omega 3 Fish Oil

omega 3 fish oil

If there is one thing I am lacking in my diet as of late, it’s omega 3 fatty acids.  Some foods that contain Omega-3’s are fish (mackerel, salmon, cod, herring, tuna), walnuts, chia seeds, flaxseeds, and egg yolks.  Since the hubby HATES seafood, I rarely prepare it or eat it at restaurants.  I sometimes snack on walnuts and occasionally eat eggs.  It’s obvious that I desperately need to add supplements to my diet.  For the last month, I’ve been trying the Intelligent Labs Ultra Pure Omega 3 capsules.  Today I will be giving you my honest thoughts and opinions of this product.  Continue reading

From All Woks Of Life: Why Everybody Should Be Able To Cook Well


Diet plays a massive role when it comes to your health. Unless you’re surviving on a raw diet, you’re going to need to know how to cook well to maintain a healthy, balanced diet. But a terrible proportion of people are unable to cook properly. Many leave home and take to flinging frozen foods into the oven. These are often the better of the bunch, with thousands opting for microwave meals. Nowadays, cooking skills are greatly underrated. Yes, it might be easier to throw a few things in the oven for 20 minutes. But do you think a diet of frozen pizza, oven chips and spaghetti hoops is going to give you the vitamins and nutrients you need? To feel and look good, inside and out, you’re going to have to start putting your apron on and doing a Delia in your kitchen. Continue reading

Can You Really Design Your Own Diet Program?


Taking care of our health has become a leading topic of concern lately. Many of us struggle to lead active lives. And some of us are struggling to maintain a healthy weight. With so many different diets and exercise programs out there, it’s become very difficult to find the right one that works. Of course, there is plenty of information online about healthy eating, exercising at home, and other fitness topics. Is it possible to use that to design your own diet program?  Continue reading