Coachella Style with Friends Part II

coachella style

coachella style

Clothing: c/o Maleny G. Shop // Photography: Sharom Rosas

I’ve been to my share of festivals in California and Arizona.  And one thing I know, it’s always when it’s hot out.  There’s a few things you don’t want to deal with when it’s hot out and you’re a girl.  First order of business is hair! I have long hair and I get really hot if all my hair is down and in my face.  Perfect solution??!! Braids! Braids are easy and super cute.  Second order of business is protection! Protect yourself from that hot ass sun.  I like to wear a hat and ALWAYS wear tons of sunscreen.  And finally, if the temperature gets cold at night, bring a light jacket or sweater that you can wrap around your waist.  I want to be comfortable as possible but these days we substitute style over substance! Hope you liked my festival hacks and happy #coachella if you’re heading out next weekend!

If you missed the previous post (Coachella Style with Friends), check it out! Special thanks to Josie from Hello Silhouette who was my partner in crime for these shoots.  AND major thank you and shoutout to  Maleny G. Shop  for letting us style her clothes and Sharom Rosas for the best shoot ever! 


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