Don’t Let Rain Ruin Your Run

runningRunning can be a great way of staying fit whilst getting a taste of the great outdoors. However, rainy weather can quickly destroy any sense of motivation. In some cases, multiple rain checks can lead you to abandon running altogether, which can be sad if you’ve worked hard to build up a schedule with goals. Fortunately, there are many way to work your running regime around even the most hostile of weather…

Hit the treadmill

For those times when it truly is miserable outside, it pays to invest in a treadmill. Whilst you won’t get the fresh air and the sights and sounds of outdoors, you can still get your fitness fix. There are all different types of running machines out there including treadclimbers that can give you the extra dimension of running up hill. Bowflex have some great models out there – online reviews can help you to choose one of their better machines. An alternative might be to go to a local gym and use their treadmills if you don’t have the space – although you will still have to step outdoors to get to the gym.

Wear the right gear

For those that are determined to stay outdoors, there are other options to help fight the rain. Having the right clothing to keep you warm and dry can make a big difference. There are lots of waterproof clothing options out there for runners and you can combine these with thermal vests and long-johns underneath for those freezing cold days. Having a hat and shades can help keep the rain out of your eyes and face. When it comes to your feet, wicking socks can help prevent blisters. Many running shoes are fairly waterproof, but if yours aren’t, you may also want to trade in your shoes for a more durable pair suited to all weathers.

Seal electronics

If you generally run with headphones or running apps or other gadgets, make sure that your devices are waterproof. If not, make sure they’re stored away in a zipped up compartment. You may be able to wear headphones under a hood.

Alter your routine

If you’ve been tracking your progress on every run, expect to get different results on a rainy or wet day. Running into the wind in particular can slow you down. You may be alter your route to stay out of exposed areas. For example, there may be a route under trees or a narrow street that shields you more against the gusts of wind. All in all, don’t expect to stick to your routine on these day and don’t get angry if you’re not sticking to your time.

Let others motivate you

Finding a running partner can help give you motivation on rainy days. Running groups are another popular method that people find motivating – for those time when you want to skip a rainy day, your running partners may ring you up to try and spur you on. You can also record your progress online as a blog which could make you feel guilty if you skip a run as you’ll be letting down your readers.


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