How to Make Friends in a New City as a Busy Professional

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Happy Wednesday!  You ever move to a new city and DREAD trying to make friends?  When I moved to Phoenix, almost 12 years ago, I had limited chances on making new friends.  I worked in a small office with three other women (all married with children) and I didn’t know a single soul who lived here except my parents.  Making friends was difficult unless you met them at work or at the gym (can be dodgy).  And here we are 10 years later and we can now make friends through our phones.  Crazy sauce?  When I first heard about Bumble BFF, I asked “Where was this 10 years ago?”  Thank god for online apps, am I right?  Bumble BFF (aka Bumble But For Friends) is ideal for women who may have just moved to a new city and are looking for new friends.   You can find someone to lunch with, brunch with or try a new workout with.  The perfect solution for us busy professionals!

When the local QUEEN BEE- Collectively Candice (lucky I’m her friend) invited me to a Staycay Meetup Event, I CERTAINLY accepted the invitation!  We were treated by the Mountain Shadows Resort + Bumble BFF to a one night stay that included dinner at their world class restaurant Hearth ’61, yoga, breakfast and drinks by the pool.  We felt like royalty and the service there was AMAZING!

mountain shadows resort

The Bee Hive (left to right): Bethany Aroutunian (@bethanyaroutunian), Josie Jackson (@hellosillouette), Candice Mathis Tseng – Queen Bee (@collectivelycandice), Neyda Melina (@trulyney), Jessica Hall (@halljessicalynn)

We didn’t even mean to but as you can see in the photo, we are super coordinated!  To start off the evening, we took a tour off the beautiful grounds and took some photos on their deck.  Can you beat this view?  After the tour, we changed and headed to dinner.  Dinner was an absolute treat and the LAUGHS were non-stop!

hearth 61 mountain shadows


hearth 61 mountain shadows

We were at dinner until 10:30 pm (way past my bed time) chatting, laughing and lots of girl talk.  We decided to call it a night so we could wake up refreshed and ready for yoga.


The next morning we headed to yoga which was held at their fitness center.  This was definitely a highlight since I haven’t been working out much during this pregnancy.




After yoga we were off to brunch at Hearth 61′.  I have to say that both meals were equally fantastic.  And this is coming from a brunch person!  My favorite was the banana ricotta pancakes. Yum!







And to top off the day, we changed into our swimsuits and headed for our cabana.  We loved the poolside service and they even had non-alcoholic refreshing drinks for #prego over here.  Loved every minute!










Here’s a look at the goodie bag I was sent home with.


Photos by: Alyssa Ryan

Thank you to Bumble for sponsoring this amazing staycay! 

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  1. This is such a cool idea! It can definitely be scary moving to a new city and not knowing anyone, and when you get stuck into your routine it’s almost like there’s no opportunities to meet people. I’m glad you had fun with the other ladies!

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