How to Rock the Velvet Trend on Valentine’s Day










Dress: c/o Romwe

Blazer: Thrifted (similar here & here)

Shoes: Sam Edelman

Clutch: c/o T. Madison Shop

Choker: c/o BaubleBar

Valentine’s Day has never been a special day for me.  It honestly is like every other hallmark holiday out there and I don’t really care for it.  Not until my husband came into the picture, did it mean something for me.  A few years ago, I was itching to find out if we were ever going to get “engaged.”  He hyped up Valentine’s Day for a whole week and when we finally got to the day, I was more than excited.  He said “Let’s go to brunch first and then I’ll give you your gift.”  At brunch, frustrated as hell to find out what my gift was.  I blurted, “So is it going to be this year?”.  Without hesitation, he knew what I was talking about and said “soon.”  As you can imagine, I was even more frustrated with the vagueness. I let it go eventually and we went about our day.  Later that day, he finally gave me my Valentine’s day present and bless his heart it was the ugliest piece of jewelry I had ever seen.  It was one of those heart pendants (cubic zirconia) that you would get your Mom for Mother’s Day.  From the look on my face, he probably gathered that I was not loving it.  The night was even worst when I asked if we had dinner plans, he said “I haven’t thought that far ahead.”  I was steaming by now and didn’t even want to speak to him.  The next day came and I woke up in an even worst mood.  He woke up pretty early because he thought that we would go on our usual photo shoot outings.  I laid in bed and didn’t say a word.  He was in the living room playing video games.  When he found out that I had canceled the outing, he put out a sigh.  I thought to myself, “why the sigh?” Strange!  A few moments later, he asked me to call Mishka (my toy poodle) into the bedroom.  Still angry, I asked “Why?”  She came into the bedroom with a collar (I hate them on her) and on the collar was a shiny DIAMOND ring.  I started yelling and crying, “IS THIS REAL? IS THIS REAL?”  I went from sulky, angry girl to the HAPPIEST I’d ever been in my life.  So happy to finally spend the rest of my life with the most sweetest, caring and amazing man EVER!

What’s your best Valentine’s Day memory? 

Now onto the FASHION!  For this outfit, I combined two of my favorite current trends, off the shoulder and velvet.  I was real lucky on a recent thrifting excursion and found this vintage blazer.  It’s definitely one of those pieces that you hold on to for life.  It will stand the test of time and can be worn across many decades.  Valentine’s Day is around the colder season so I like to wear long sleeve dresses to account for the weather.  This off the shoulder long sleeve dress from Romwe has a ribbed texture and will keep you warm all night long.  I styled it with gray heels and a matching gray faux snakeskin clutch.  How will YOU style Valentine’s Day this year?


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  1. Omg – I love that story! Did he get you the necklace to throw you off? Was he going to propose at the shoot? Proposing with the ring on your puppy’s collar is so cute! Such a fun memory. Xo

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