Make Your Essential Jewelry Go Beyond the Basic

C40A3242There are some essential pieces of jewelry that everyone needs to have in their collection. These basic pieces can be worn with just about any outfit, so they’re the perfect failsafe when you’re not sure what to wear. They also tend to be understated so you can accessorize without being overdressed. Some of them can seem a little old-fashioned or plain, though. What if you would rather jazz them up a little? You can stick to the same basic ideas but look for something more modern with more oomph. Try some of the ideas below to jazz up your essential jewelry items.

Delicate Chain Necklaces

A delicate chain necklace can be worn with just about anything, from casual outfits to evening dresses. It’s subtle but still adds to your outfit, without being a dominating feature. A lot of women have one of these necklaces that they never take off unless they’re swapping it for another necklace. Sometimes you even wear it under your clothes, so it can’t even be seen, but maybe it means something to you. If you want to jazz up one of these a little, don’t go too overboard. You should still choose something subtle, but choose a unique feature like a small pendant with your birthstone or initial.


Everyday Rings

For some women, the only rings they were regularly are engagement or wedding rings. But many other women have everyday rings that they wear no matter their outfit because they like the look and feel of them. It’s usually something simple, either a thin band with a single stone or even just a plain band. Even if you want to keep your favorite ring simple, you can still find some designs that play around within this simplicity. You could choose a ring that has an off-centre stone or an unusual shape. Or maybe it’s the color that’s a little different. Rose gold is huge right now.


Stud Earrings

A pair of simple stud earrings is essential for a range of purposes, from everyday wear to adding a subtle touch to a formal outfit. Anyone who gets their ears pierced starts with studs, and you can collect many pairs over the years. One of the most classic options is a diamond (or simulated diamond) pair of studs, which gives a subtle touch of class to any outfit. If you want to make some simple studs my interesting, perhaps adding some color or choosing an interesting shape could be a good idea. Instead of diamonds, pick emerald studs. Or instead of sticking to round or square shapes, choose flowers, hearts, or even commas.

Hoop Earrings

Another essential pair of earrings you should have is the classic hoop earrings. Sometimes called sleeper earrings, they can come in a huge number of variations. They might be small or large, thick or thin, and come in different colors too. Many women have an understated pair they can wear with anything. If you want to make gold hoop earrings more special, one option is to look at different shapes and designs. Even though they’re hoops, they can still feature other shapes. For example, some can feature a traditional Irish Claddagh or even a heart design.

Subtle Bracelets

Bracelets aren’t always practical for everyday wear. They can get in the way, especially if you need to use your hands for things. But if you want to wear something on your arm, a thin and subtle bracelet is a good choice. However, they can seem a little boring if you’re hoping to add some pizazz to your outfit. While you might not want to make it too over the top, you can make your subtle bracelet a little more interesting. Instead of just a plain chain, consider some more modern designs. Pick a bracelet with two or three strands to its chain or an eye-catching clasp.

Statement Pieces

By their definition, statement pieces of jewelry are usually more dramatic than others. They’re designed to catch the eye and are often the only piece of jewelry needed to change an outfit. But even though a statement piece is already eye-catching, you can still do something to mix things up a little. One way to do something different with a statement piece is to pick something that’s actually more subtle than you might expect. For example, you can choose a statement cuff with a strong but minimal look.

Your essential jewelry pieces don’t have to be basic or cheap. You can invest some money in them and choose something that will last.

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