Hometown Tour: Favorite Spots in Phoenix

The past week has been a whirlwind for hubby and I.  We bought our first house, closed on a Friday and moved in by Sunday! In the middle of all of it, Julianne Hough’s public relations rep asked me if I could write a hometown article about my favorite places in Phoenix.  Say what??!! I was so ecstatic!! Check out the article below or go straight to her site.

Hi friends! My name is Melissa Moore, the blogger behind a Phoenix, AZ lifestyle blog called Stylista Fitness.  If it’s your first time in Phoenix, I’m here to share my favorite spots to shop, have a bite to eat and get your beauty on.  

Although, my original hometown is Los Angeles, Phoenix has been my home for the last twelve years.  I’m proud to show you what we have to offer and give you a sneak peek to some cute places around town.  As far as weather goes, summer can get pretty hot but the rest of the

year is sunny and almost always in the 70s.  Hope you enjoy the spots I picked out!

Favorite Cafe: Luci’s at the Orchard

We all know the best way to start the day touring a city is with coffee and food in your stomach.  Luci’s at the Orchard is your picture perfect spot for this.  Not only do they have an extensive breakfast and lunch menu, they have an outdoor open, airy space to enjoy your food in.  


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Busy? That’s No Excuse Not to Exercise


There are a plethora of excuses that people offer when it comes to a lack of exercise. There are some excuses that are more understandable than others. If someone says “I’ve broken all my limbs”, then it’s probably best not to call that a weak excuse. But some of the most common excuses really aren’t all that great. Perhaps the most common excuse out there is that the person in question is too busy. Perhaps the person making that excuse is you.

Look, we get it: life can be hectic, a lot of people are working long hours these days, families take up a lot of time and energy, et cetera. It can definitely seem like the world is working against your fitness dreams in this regard. But there are a lot of ways in which you can get a fitness regime into a busy lifestyle. 
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The Most Simple and Effective Workouts

workout exercise fitness

While it is true that you only get out what you put in when it comes to exercise, that doesn’t mean that all of them are the same in terms of effectiveness. And there is certainly no point wasting huge amounts of energy doing exercises that aren’t really doing you a whole lot of good. There are plenty of simple workouts that anyone can do which also provide you with a wide range of health benefits. Here are just a few that you can try incorporating into your everyday lives. Continue reading