Unexpected Exercise Mishaps

fitness exercise goalsYou might be surprised to know how many people actually end up making fitness errors. And rather than achieving their fitness goals, they are left nursing injuries instead. Also, they don’t see the changes to their body that they were expecting. For some people, they don’t even realize they are making fitness errors! Therefore, here are some unexpected exercise mishaps you need to avoid making. Continue reading

Discover the Relationship between Learning and Good Health

fitness exercise learning

The message that taking regular exercise is essential to improve or maintain physical health is one that most people are aware of, even if putting it into practice can be a bit of a struggle sometimes. What fewer people think about though is that our brains and minds need exercise and stimulation too, if they are to stay as healthy and active as we want them to be. Continue reading

On Trial: Is Your Outfit Harming Your Fitness Goals?


Love it as we may, the life of a fitness fanatic can sometimes take its toll. You find yourself pushed for time, suffering occasional muscle aches and wondering if anyone is monitoring how many times you have Googled “how to cure sweat rash”. It’s not the most glamorous of pursuits – though of course, the results are 100% worth it.

When you care about your body’s fitness, you’ll find that you’re more aware of your body than the average person. You need it to be in good working order to do the workouts you’re dreaming of, so you pay attention. You watch what you eat and you follow the latest scientific developments to ensure you’re getting all you can from your exercise regime.

Unfortunately, there is one area it’s very easy to overlook because it seems like it shouldn’t be a factor – but it can be. Yes, the very outfit you’re wearing right now could be making your exercise regime harder and your recovery longer. It’s not a fun thing to acknowledge, but if you don’t know, then you can’t fight it. So let’s put it on trial and see if it’s guilty.  Continue reading