Simple Ways That Will Motivate You To Workout


While many of us have the best intentions to work out each day, sometimes it can be difficult to gain motivation. You might be tired or want to get home to watch your favorite TV show. Or you might find yourself looking for distractions when you should be exercising. These can include taking selfies, texting and applying makeup. While it’s OK to miss the odd workout, making it a regular habit is something you should avoid. The trick to solving this issue is finding something that motivates you. Here are some simple ways you can use that will give you a boost and make you eager to exercise daily. 


Create a pre-workout playlist

When you are traveling to the gym or to an exercise class, you’re more likely to change your mind and go home instead. To prevent this from happening create your own pre-workout playlist. This playlist should be full of upbeat and triumphant songs that fill you with motivation. Go online and look for digital downloads that you can buy and add to your phone or iPod to get your playlist started. Listen to new artists and different styles of music so discover which genres make you feel amazing. You might be surprised at how empowering classical or rock music might make you feel. Avoid any ballads and slow songs that make you feel relaxed as this will have the opposite effect. Listen to these songs on your journey and enter the session feeling ready to work.



Get some fabulous workout clothes

With new colors, patterns and designs being showcased all the time, workout clothing has never been so exciting. Treating yourself to some new workout wear that you love to wear is another source of inspiration. This will not only make you feel good but show off your style and personality too. When we buy a new top or dress we are all eager to show it off, so why should your workout clothing be any different. Look online or head to a workout clothing store to see the broad range of items and designs on offer. Find a size that fits you comfortably and put them on for your next exercise class to see how effective they are.

Find a fitness friend

Working out and going to the gym by yourself can be lonely and make you feel vulnerable. So why not invite a work colleague or friend to come with you. Maybe you know someone who wants to lose weight or would like to try a particular exercise that you do too. This will make you more motivated to work out by giving you some company. You can support each other while also adding a touch of competition to your workout. Plus if someone is relying on you to be there, you’ll be less likely to cancel.
Give one or all of these techniques a go to see if they make you more motivated to work out. Or get creative and come up with your own way to get motivated. You’ll find that you are more focused, enthusiastic and eager to get your body looking and feeling healthy.


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