Zona Med Spa Experience

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If there’s two things I focus on the most in self care, it’s skin care and relaxing! I try to visit a spa at least once a month and get a facial.  It has become a necessity and a chance for me to completely relax for an hour.  So naturally when Zona Med Spa contacted me to try out there service, I said sign me up!  If you’d like to learn more about my experience, stay around and read more.  Continue reading

Lalogy Corrective Night Cream Review

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I’m always on the hunt for a hydrating night cream.  Especially since my skin is always thirsty in this dry Phoenix heat.   I once read that skin cell renewal rate is higher at night and that your skin is more receptive to active ingredients at this time (source).  Knowing these two facts, I am quite obsessed about my nightly regimen of cleansing my face and using night cream.  For the past two weeks, I’ve had the pleasure of trying Lalogy, a company that creates highly, effective, natural, 100% organic products.  I chose their Lullaby Night Cream, which is a corrective night cream that promises to hydrate the skin, remove dead skin cells and lessens the appearance of wrinkles.  Continue reading

Looking Your Best: For Summer, Forever

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Summer is well upon us, and with a bit of luck will be here for a few months to come. Hopefully, we’re all enjoying the many gifts of the season and looking fantastic at the same time. Some people think that how to look one’s best is a mystery, but it’s not. To look THE best is possible: to look YOUR best is well within reason. It just comes down to getting a few key areas just right. Take a look at our tips below, and you’ll look great for this summer and beyond.

Eating Well

Everything begins with the food we’re eating. We need to make sure that we’re getting all the right nutrients and minerals, and that we’re not eating more than we need. If we eat well, then we’ll be getting all the good things we need to ensure that our hair and skin look at their best. It’s always a good idea to review your diet every now and again because you’ll be surprised at how often bad habits can creep in when we’re not consciously thinking about what we’re putting in our bodies. Bad news: it might be time to say goodbye to those fatty fast food meals!

To the Gym

People come in different shapes and sizes; the important thing is to make sure that you’re the right size for your type of body, and this can’t be achieved if you’re living a sedentary life. To look your best, you need to be exercising regularly and taking care of various aspects of your body. That means running on treadmills to burn the calories, doing muscle building exercises to tone your arms, and doing flexibility training, so your body is loose and feels at its best. You might not initially enjoy making an effort to go the gym, but it’ll be worth it!

Your Style

You need to be keeping one eye on the latest fashion trends, and your other eye on developing your own style. If you dress well, you’ll have the confidence to throw yourself into life knowing that you look your best. It’s not easy to find a style that works for you, so play around and test different styles: you’ll stumble upon the one that you love eventually.

Beauty Products

Your beauty products will be your secret weapon, but like your sense of fashion, this will have to develop with what you think looks good in mind. There’s plenty of beauty advice available – including on this very website! – so try a few styles and figure out what’s good for you.

Feeling at Peace

This bit of advice is often overlooked when people talk about looking their best: to look your best; you need to feel at peace and be happy! So much of our beauty radiates from what’s going on inside. If you’re stressed or angry, then it won’t matter how perfect your outfit is: it will be impossible for you to look your best. Make sure you’re giving yourself enough TLC so that you’re calm and happy.


Spa810 Experience


Self-care is high on my list these days and when I was invited to experience a few treatments at Spa810 I was more than elated to accept. Spa810 has a few locations in the Phoenix area and the newest location opened in North Scottsdale (Shea & Scottsdale).  The location is quite easy to find and parking is ample.  I was invited to try a few services so I will talk about them individually.


Brandon was my masseuse. He pleasantly greeted me and escorted me to the room. The room was dimly lit and smelled like essential oils. I immediately felt relaxed and calm. Brandon let me choose an essential oil and then he tucked it under my pillow. He explained that I will receive a sugar scrub with the massage as well (score!).  Another plus of the room is the massage table. The table had a warmer and it was nice since it’s been chilly in Phoenix lately. The massage was heavenly and the pressure was perfect. After a long week of work, this is exactly what I needed.

HydraFacial Treatment

After the massage, I was asked to put on a robe and slippers. The robe was the softest I’ve ever felt. It was amazing! I was greeted by aesthetician, Jayme, who escorted me to another room. I wasn’t quite sure what I was walking into since I saw a machine next to the table. Jayme explained what type of treatment the hydrafacial was (more info on their website).  She explained the treatment thoroughly and answered any questions I had. It was definitely not your typical facial and more like a treatment. See the excerpt below for the description of a hydra facial. If I were to describe the sensation, it felt like a piece of plastic was scraping my face with water squirting out of it. Jayme would “PASS” through my face with the device in small sections. In no sense did it hurt, but more like a weird feeling on my face. Jayme was great at explaining each step and what all of the components of the treatment do. She also asked frequently if I was doing alright since this was all new to me. Overall it was an interesting experience and I’m reaping the benefits. My skin has felt super hydrated and feels soft and healthy.  I’ve even had a few compliments about how great my skin looks.


Laser Hair treatment

I’m not going to lie. I was scared about this one. I’ve never tried waxing and have only shaved so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Jayme was my specialist for this as well. She explained how the machine works and what it would feel like. She said that it would only last 45 seconds per armpit. She also described the aftercare and how often I would have to come for the treatment (every six weeks).  She then started the treatment. In a few words, the treatment felt cold, then hot and then like little needles on my skin. In one word, UNCOMFORTABLE. It was not painful and quite quick. I hope the next time around I’m not as squirmy, lol!!

Overall, my experience at Spa810 was amazing! The staff was pleasant, informative and professional.  The massage was definitely the highlight of my visit.  I would definitely visit again.

Skincare Tips for the Gym

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During the week, I pretty much live at the gym. I show up at 6 am, workout until 7 am, shower and get dressed by 7:30 and then I’m off to work by 8 am. For this reason, I need to pack a gym bag full of the essentials including skin care. Currently, my skin care products at the gym is comprised of random products that are full sized and take up half my gym bag. It’s seriously messy and takes too much space. The On the Glow travel set by Hydropeptide is perfect for this. Before I took this set with me to the gym, I had to make sure they were up to my skin care standards. I’m always looking for anti-aging type of skin care and the Hydropeptide products are known for this type of skin care. The set contains 5 travel sized products, Exfoliating Cleanser, Pre-Treatment Toner, Face Lift Moisturizer, Eye Authority and Purifying Mask. I used the products for a couple of weeks before I took the set to the gym. I use a little bit of the exfoliating cleanser in the shower to wash the face of sweat and debris. The next product I use is the Pre-Treatment Toner. The toner is refreshing and not drying. After the toner, I use the Face Lift Moisturizer and pat it over my face and neck. I finish the regimen with the Eye Authority and you only need a 1/2 pea size amount. The travel set has a Purifying Mask which takes about 7-10 minutes to set. So I leave that at home and use it at night. Overall, this set is perfect for my gym bag and for traveling. My skin feels fabulous and it’s conveniently sized for travel.  Want to try the set? Use code BBACK20A to receive 20% off.

What type of skin products do you pack for the gym?
**Thank you to Brandbacker for sending these products! These products were provided to Stylista Fitness free of charge by the manufacturer/PR for review purposes only.  Regardless of how the product was obtained, my priority is to you, my readers, and I will always give you my honest opinion.