Ask Questions – Always!

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When we try a new workout routine, or even a new exercise completely, it’s hard to know where to begin. That’s fine – you need to go through something a few times before you really start to pick it up. But what about when you want to try out something completely new and don’t even know what equipment that you’re going to need to use? That’s when things can start to get tough. Knowing how, when and where to look for help is the best thing that you can get yourself clued up on. Although asking for help may seem like something that’s simple enough, when it comes to exercise you need to know a bit more about what you’re doing, who you’re asking and where you’re sourcing your information from.
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Adorning Your Exercise Routine

When you work out a lot, there’s little chance that you can wear decorative jewelry when doing so – unless you’re doing so for a dance performance. Training for marathons, competitions or even just doing it for yourself can see your precious bit and bobs making their way into a box until they’re discovered again. But this doesn’t need to be the case – there are some pieces which are perfectly fine to wear whilst doing certain workouts.  Continue reading

Losing Weight Fails: Don’t Make These Mistakes

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It can be so difficult trying to lose weight. In fact, it can get harder as we get older to shift that stubborn fat. And people can try many different methods to reach their dream weight. But in their hope of losing weight, they tend to make some silly errors. Here are some fails people make when trying to lose weight that can turn out to be big mistakes.  Continue reading

Discover the Relationship between Learning and Good Health

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The message that taking regular exercise is essential to improve or maintain physical health is one that most people are aware of, even if putting it into practice can be a bit of a struggle sometimes. What fewer people think about though is that our brains and minds need exercise and stimulation too, if they are to stay as healthy and active as we want them to be. Continue reading

Ease Your Way Back Into Exercise After An Injury Using This Technique

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When you’re used to working out often, and then you get an injury, it can be tough to take time off. But, it can often be even harder to deal with when you’re ready to get back into exercise. Most of the time, you’ll want to jump right back in where you left off. But it’s not always that easy.

Whether your injury came from exercise, work or around the home, you have to take it easy when you start to workout again. As you start to build up a tolerance for exercise again, you might be tempted to push yourself, but the safest option is to see what you can do and get back to your fitness levels safely and gradually.  Continue reading