Get Fit With The Experts!

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Your friends say that you should try out this an amazing new dance craze, your mom swears by her weekly Pilates class and your co-workers are trying to get you to join their running club!

When it comes to exercise there’s almost an unlimited range of options, including hiking, swimming, biking, rowing, and yoga. And that’s without getting equipment like weights, treadmills, exercise balls and ropes involved. We all know that daily activity is good for us, as is eating a balanced diet, getting the right amount of sleep and not skipping meals but how do we decide what’s good for us?

Your body is completely different to everyone else’s yet gyms are keen to promote a ‘one size fits all attitude,’ and in fact, some fitness centers can start to feel like an assembly line as you wait patiently for your turn on the cross trainer! For those who take fitness super seriously such as athletes, being fit isn’t just nice it’s a requirement for them to do their job. After all, did you know that during a game of football players run an average of six miles! This means that the ‘everyday’ approach isn’t going to work, so instead each person follows a carefully thought out fitness regime, a nutritionist-approved plan and has regular sessions with a physiotherapist whose background in sports science helps to reduce chance of injury.

Which leads us to speculate shouldn’t we be focusing more on the individual than the exercise? While personal trainers have become increasingly popular over the last few years not everyone can afford the fees. So for those of us who don’t have the entire staff of Harley Street at our disposal how do we make the changes that will keep us fit and healthy for the rest of our lives? Well, what do you do if you have a medical issue? You go to your doctor or a medical professional. When your bathroom floods you call a plumber or someone specifically trained to deal with domestic leaks and drains.

The point is, instead of listening to family and friends discuss exercise even though they mean well, how do you know they haven’t just cherry picked the information that they believe in and ignored the rest? The best way to take charge of your own fitness once and for all is to do the research. Find out what programs, activities, and exercises would be suitable for your needs and speak to an instructor about how to create a personal fitness plan. You wouldn’t leave your children’s childcare to chance by just picking the first nursery you see so don’t assume that the first trainer you talk to is the one!

Luckily, we’ve taken some of the legwork out of the search for you! Compiling a list of tips, tricks, and advice from medical experts, nutritionists, sports science students, coaches and athletes themselves that should help you to achieve your fitness goals while reminding yourself you’re only human! Continue reading

Unexpected Exercise Mishaps

fitness exercise goalsYou might be surprised to know how many people actually end up making fitness errors. And rather than achieving their fitness goals, they are left nursing injuries instead. Also, they don’t see the changes to their body that they were expecting. For some people, they don’t even realize they are making fitness errors! Therefore, here are some unexpected exercise mishaps you need to avoid making. Continue reading

Discover the Relationship between Learning and Good Health

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The message that taking regular exercise is essential to improve or maintain physical health is one that most people are aware of, even if putting it into practice can be a bit of a struggle sometimes. What fewer people think about though is that our brains and minds need exercise and stimulation too, if they are to stay as healthy and active as we want them to be. Continue reading

Get Fit Quick!

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Getting fit is usually something that takes a fairly long period of time. Granted, there are alternate fitness trends to those that are mainstream, but it can be quite tough to get fit in a short space of time. There are lots of things that get in the way like family life and work plus other commitments. But, if you really do want to get fit quick then there are ways around this. This article can help you put in the right work and explore the right avenues to get fit quick.  Continue reading