How to Make Friends in a New City as a Busy Professional

find your new bff

Happy Wednesday!  You ever move to a new city and DREAD trying to make friends?  When I moved to Phoenix, almost 12 years ago, I had limited chances on making new friends.  I worked in a small office with three other women (all married with children) and I didn’t know a single soul who lived here except my parents.  Making friends was difficult unless you met them at work or at the gym (can be dodgy).  And here we are 10 years later and we can now make friends through our phones.  Crazy sauce?  When I first heard about Bumble BFF, I asked “Where was this 10 years ago?”  Thank god for online apps, am I right?  Bumble BFF (aka Bumble But For Friends) is ideal for women who may have just moved to a new city and are looking for new friends.   You can find someone to lunch with, brunch with or try a new workout with.  The perfect solution for us busy professionals! Continue reading