How to Save Money on Maternity Clothes using Groupon Coupons

groupon coupons

Before I started ACTUALLY shopping and looking around for maternity clothes, I had NO idea how pricey it was.  I mean it’s clothes you wear for maybe 3 months at MOST.  Am I right?!  So I had to think outside the box and figure ways on how I can buy maternity clothes without breaking the bank.  After all, we need to spend that hard earned cash for the little one when she arrives (*insert diaper piles here).  Did you know that Groupon had coupons?  Yes they do! If this just BLEW your mind, keep reading!  Continue reading

Pamper Yourself Week: 5 Things to Know About your First Spa Experience

5 ThingsspaHello and welcome to the second edition of Pamper Yourself Week!  Have you ever treated yourself to a massage or facial treatment?  If it’s your first time, here are 5 things to know about your first spa experience.  If it’s not your first rodeo, please read on because you might learn some tips for your next spay day.

1. Know your deals

Groupon, Living Social and Yipit are discount sites that offer tons of spa deals.  There is also a website called  All these sites find deals in your local area and the deals can range anywhere from 25-50 percent off.  Make sure you call and ask their availability before you buy.  I have bought many spa deals only to find out that they only do the ‘deals’ on Saturday morning or Thursday night.  Also, make sure you ask about their cancellation policies so there are no surprises.

 2. Look for reviews

Trying a spa for your first time should be a good experience!!  Reading a review before you make an appointment is a good way to ensure that.  Try! Yelp reviewers are specific about their experiences and write detailed reviews about places.  Word of mouth is another good way to find spas.  Ask your friends for referrals of their favorite spas.

3. Know your skin

If you have sensitivity to certain products, make sure you let the therapist know.  Feel free to ask questions and talk to them about all aspects of the treatment.  If you are in for a facial, it would be best to come in with a clean face. No makeup!  Also, it may be best not to wear perfume to a treatment.

4. Know your manners

Turn off your phone so that you or other patrons aren’t bothered.  Speak in a soft tone.  If you are getting a massage, not only is it polite to be clean but the hot water can help open up the muscles.

5. Know how much to tip

Typically 15-20 percent is the going rate to tip your therapist.  Most spas have envelopes at the front reception for you to leave money in.  Received treatment from more than one therapist?  Leave a separate tip for each one.  Spa staff appreciates when the gratuity is left in cash.

Have a great experience!! Relax and have a good time!