Adorning Your Exercise Routine

When you work out a lot, there’s little chance that you can wear decorative jewelry when doing so – unless you’re doing so for a dance performance. Training for marathons, competitions or even just doing it for yourself can see your precious bit and bobs making their way into a box until they’re discovered again. But this doesn’t need to be the case – there are some pieces which are perfectly fine to wear whilst doing certain workouts.  Continue reading

Valentine’s Day Jewelry Gift Ideas



Valentine’s Day is less than one week away, which traditionally means love and romance. Do you know how you’re going to celebrate?  Are you going to buy red roses and chocolates like usual or do you want to opt for something a little extra? We know Valentine’s Day is overwhelming, especially for men as they try to find the right gift for their significant other. This is because certain types of jewelry like pendants or bracelets work no matter how long you’ve been together, but diamond earrings or rings should be reserved for someone special. Continue reading