Zona Med Spa Experience

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If there’s two things I focus on the most in self care, it’s skin care and relaxing! I try to visit a spa at least once a month and get a facial.  It has become a necessity and a chance for me to completely relax for an hour.  So naturally when Zona Med Spa contacted me to try out there service, I said sign me up!  If you’d like to learn more about my experience, stay around and read more.  Continue reading

Spa810 Experience


Self-care is high on my list these days and when I was invited to experience a few treatments at Spa810 I was more than elated to accept. Spa810 has a few locations in the Phoenix area and the newest location opened in North Scottsdale (Shea & Scottsdale).  The location is quite easy to find and parking is ample.  I was invited to try a few services so I will talk about them individually.


Brandon was my masseuse. He pleasantly greeted me and escorted me to the room. The room was dimly lit and smelled like essential oils. I immediately felt relaxed and calm. Brandon let me choose an essential oil and then he tucked it under my pillow. He explained that I will receive a sugar scrub with the massage as well (score!).  Another plus of the room is the massage table. The table had a warmer and it was nice since it’s been chilly in Phoenix lately. The massage was heavenly and the pressure was perfect. After a long week of work, this is exactly what I needed.

HydraFacial Treatment

After the massage, I was asked to put on a robe and slippers. The robe was the softest I’ve ever felt. It was amazing! I was greeted by aesthetician, Jayme, who escorted me to another room. I wasn’t quite sure what I was walking into since I saw a machine next to the table. Jayme explained what type of treatment the hydrafacial was (more info on their website).  She explained the treatment thoroughly and answered any questions I had. It was definitely not your typical facial and more like a treatment. See the excerpt below for the description of a hydra facial. If I were to describe the sensation, it felt like a piece of plastic was scraping my face with water squirting out of it. Jayme would “PASS” through my face with the device in small sections. In no sense did it hurt, but more like a weird feeling on my face. Jayme was great at explaining each step and what all of the components of the treatment do. She also asked frequently if I was doing alright since this was all new to me. Overall it was an interesting experience and I’m reaping the benefits. My skin has felt super hydrated and feels soft and healthy.  I’ve even had a few compliments about how great my skin looks.


Laser Hair treatment

I’m not going to lie. I was scared about this one. I’ve never tried waxing and have only shaved so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Jayme was my specialist for this as well. She explained how the machine works and what it would feel like. She said that it would only last 45 seconds per armpit. She also described the aftercare and how often I would have to come for the treatment (every six weeks).  She then started the treatment. In a few words, the treatment felt cold, then hot and then like little needles on my skin. In one word, UNCOMFORTABLE. It was not painful and quite quick. I hope the next time around I’m not as squirmy, lol!!

Overall, my experience at Spa810 was amazing! The staff was pleasant, informative and professional.  The massage was definitely the highlight of my visit.  I would definitely visit again.

Pamper Yourself Week: 5 Things to Know About your First Spa Experience

5 ThingsspaHello and welcome to the second edition of Pamper Yourself Week!  Have you ever treated yourself to a massage or facial treatment?  If it’s your first time, here are 5 things to know about your first spa experience.  If it’s not your first rodeo, please read on because you might learn some tips for your next spay day.

1. Know your deals

Groupon, Living Social and Yipit are discount sites that offer tons of spa deals.  There is also a website called Spaweek.com.  All these sites find deals in your local area and the deals can range anywhere from 25-50 percent off.  Make sure you call and ask their availability before you buy.  I have bought many spa deals only to find out that they only do the ‘deals’ on Saturday morning or Thursday night.  Also, make sure you ask about their cancellation policies so there are no surprises.

 2. Look for reviews

Trying a spa for your first time should be a good experience!!  Reading a review before you make an appointment is a good way to ensure that.  Try Yelp.com! Yelp reviewers are specific about their experiences and write detailed reviews about places.  Word of mouth is another good way to find spas.  Ask your friends for referrals of their favorite spas.

3. Know your skin

If you have sensitivity to certain products, make sure you let the therapist know.  Feel free to ask questions and talk to them about all aspects of the treatment.  If you are in for a facial, it would be best to come in with a clean face. No makeup!  Also, it may be best not to wear perfume to a treatment.

4. Know your manners

Turn off your phone so that you or other patrons aren’t bothered.  Speak in a soft tone.  If you are getting a massage, not only is it polite to be clean but the hot water can help open up the muscles.

5. Know how much to tip

Typically 15-20 percent is the going rate to tip your therapist.  Most spas have envelopes at the front reception for you to leave money in.  Received treatment from more than one therapist?  Leave a separate tip for each one.  Spa staff appreciates when the gratuity is left in cash.

Have a great experience!! Relax and have a good time!


Pamper Yourself Week: 5 easy ways to pamper yourself at home


How is 2014 going for you? I don’t know about you but I have been feeling major stress.  My stress has stemmed from work and I get to the weekend feeling run down and tired. I could use some EPIC stress relieving! I have compiled 5 easy ways to pamper yourself at home.

1. Take a hot bath

Add calming essential oils to your bath. Turn off the lights and light some candles.  Set your Pandora app to the spa station.  Bliss!

2. DIY facial

Use items from your pantry to give yourself a facial.  For dry skin, try a moisturizing mask.  Try this recipe over at Birchbox blog.  For oily skin, try a mask that will tighten and minimize black heads like this recipe at Tia and Tamera’s blog (Do you remember them from the show Sister, Sister?).

3. Moisturize your locks

Winter is drying on our bodies and hair.  Make a DIY hair mask like this one from the Tone It Up blog.  Or try YouTube Beauty Guru, Michelle Phan’s recipe for a coconut oil hair mask.

4. Soak your feet

Do your feet ache from walking in heels all day? Make yourself an amazing foot bath like this one made out of tea tree and mint from the Bohemian Kate blog. Or try this Miracle Foot Treatment recipe from the Gardenista.

5. Take a nap or go to bed early

The importance of sleep is key to your health.  To recharge, try taking a nap during the day or get to bed early in order to clock in a good 8-9 hours of sleep.


I hope you enjoyed these tips!  Tune in on Thursday for the second edition of Pamper Yourself Week.  Now go relax and enjoy!






Planning A Trip to Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix, Arizona offers beautiful desert scenery, mild temperatures during the winter and a variety of delicious restaurants. Growing up in Southern California I never thought to see myself moving to the desert. Since moving here in 2005, I have grown to love hiking and other outdoor activities such as paddle boarding. Phoenix offers amazing restaurants, fabulous shopping and world renowned spas. There’s plenty to keep you busy!

Here are some of my suggestions:
1. Outdoor activities

Phoenix offers some of the best hiking in the United States! My favorite trail is South Mountain. The trail is approximately 12 miles long which is perfect for those who love to mountain bike.  The longest hike I’ve done at South Mountain is 3 miles and I only stopped because the weather was getting into the 90’s.  And yes, it can get hot here in the summer but if you plan accordingly and hike early, to beat the heat! But, once you see a beautiful desert sunrise, you won’t mind the early morning so much.

2. Are you a shopaholic? We can quench your addiction!

Phoenix offers everything from high-end shopping to some of the best premier outlets! One of my favorite luxury shopping malls is Scottsdale Fashion Square. Boasting 1.8 million square feet of retail space (wear comfy shoes), you can find high end shops such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Saks Fifth Avenue. It also offers budget friendly trendy shops such as H&M, Forever 21 and Charming Charlie.


3. Love to eat?

Phoenix has a myriad of delicious places to eat. Culinary Dropout is my go-to spot to impress visitors. It serves the best gastro pub food I’ve ever had! And it’s located across the street from the Scottsdale Fashion square. Make a day of it and head over after shopping. Just a tip: They get extremely busy on the weekends and they don’t take reservations. So put your name in and order their amazing Moscow Mule at the bar! Enjoy the live music while you wait.


4. Love to relax and get pampered?

Scottsdale has renowned spas and wellness practitioners! Here you’ll find innovative treatments inspired by Sonoran Desert botanicals and regional Native American traditions, as well as from cultures around the world. My favorite is the Willow Stream Spa at the Fairmont Princess Scottsdale. Try their Desert Serenity Body Wrap. It’s literally 90 minutes of HEAVEN!!

Here in Phoenix you can enjoy outdoor activities, shop til’ you drop, get pampered and eat amazing food during the the fall, winter and spring months.  Summer can get hot but there are enough fabulous pools and water parks to keep you cool! See you in the desert!