Losing Weight Fails: Don’t Make These Mistakes

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It can be so difficult trying to lose weight. In fact, it can get harder as we get older to shift that stubborn fat. And people can try many different methods to reach their dream weight. But in their hope of losing weight, they tend to make some silly errors. Here are some fails people make when trying to lose weight that can turn out to be big mistakes.  Continue reading

Need To Kick Your Weight Loss Plan Up A Notch? Read This

Losing weight isn’t easy. It takes dedication and discipline. You can do it! But you might need a little help along the way.  Perhaps you started your diet a little too late. Maybe you’re feeling a little down at the lack of quick results. Don’t get disillusioned with your weight loss goals, use these stumbling blocks as inspiration to step it up a gear.  If you’re in need of a fitness boost, these tips should encourage better results.

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Weight Loss Advice For Beginners


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Starting something from scratch is tough. No matter what it is, it’s hard to get yourself going. Weight loss is no different. There are so many different arguments when it comes to losing weight. Doing some research can end up making things more confusing for you. So, if you’re a beginner, I’m here to give you friendly weight loss advice.

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My Personal Fitness Story

Since I was a scrawny little girl, I was a competitive person on the playground.  So much so that I fractured my finger playing tetherball! I wanted to annihilate everyone at this game so I played as intensely as possible.  One day I faltered by placing my hand up to intercept the ball but instead caught the tether with my tiny pinkie finger. OUCH! The tether spun around quite rapidly, causing a tiny hairline fracture.  I felt excruciating pain but I kept face and kept playing.  This happened around lunch and by 2 pm my poor finger was pulsating and swollen.  Later that afternoon I was in the ER getting x-rays.  I was also a DIE hard fan of wall ball.   There were a few boys that were quicker and demolished me almost every time but I loved the competition.

In middle school, I joined the dance class.  Mainly to get out of regular physical education.  We did a mix of ballet, hip hop and aerobics.  It was fantastic!  High school came around and my competitive nature reared it’s ugly head.  I tried out for basketball and softball.  Apparently, these are not my SPORTS.  Too short, too slow or lacking in skill, according to the coaches.

Fast forward to college, I started to run on the track and run up and down the stadium stairs like the character Rocky Balboa in Rocky.  It gave me an awesome cardio workout but I was still lacking in muscle.  I had a skinny body without any toning.  I tried a yoga DVD once with a friend and aborted half way.  After so many years of not partaking in anything competitive or dance related, I had no motivation to take working out seriously.  In most of my twenties, I was on and off with gym workouts.  For the life of me, I could not find motivation or passion.

In my thirties, I realized that skipping the gym and not eating well has its consequences. Especially if you have a desk job! When friends and family started to point out weight gain, I felt depressed and frustrated.  I needed a change.  In 2012, I stumbled upon a youtube channel called Body Rock.  I loved that you could do the workouts at home and that you can get a “rockin’ body” in 12 minute workouts.  I did that for awhile and went on to Beachbody (BB) workouts, i.e. Insanity, P90x and Les Mills Combat.  I didn’t start to see substantial results until I finished my first BB program, Les Mills Combat.  I started to notice toning in my arms and legs.  I also started Shakeology at the same time with a healthy daily meal plan.  All those years of wishing for a toned body came true.  All the wishy washy years of going to the gym on and off without a plan, I finally realized what it takes to get what I wanted.  Plain and simple, a consistent workout and healthy meal plan.  I don’t do fad diets or starve myself.  I eat protein, fruits and vegetables.  I grant myself the occasional cheat meal.  I teach PIYO twice weekly and do home workouts 3-4 times weekly.  It’s about changing your lifestyle by making healthy food choices and staying consistent with exercise.

I hope you enjoyed my personal fitness story.  Please reach out to me if you need help with your fitness goals. I am here to help!



Guest Post: 5 Ways to Lose Weight on a Budget

THIS SUMMERAfter the winter we’ve had this year, it’s hard to believe warmer weather is around the corner.  Warmer weather means less clothes, and some might still be struggling to lose the holiday weight.  Don’t fret, you still have time!  There are lots options for getting into shape: gyms, barre, yoga, CrossFit, Weight Watchers, P90X. . . too many options.  It can be overwhelming and downright expensive.  What can you do if you are limited on funds and can’t join a gym or buy a fancy workout plan?  Good news!  Most of what you need is already in your budget or free to add.  Here are some cost effective ways to get into shape:

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